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Badminton Tournament Software – use the badminton umpire panel at a tournament

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bts - Badminton Tournament Software

Use bup at tournaments.

Docker installation

Install docker and run

docker run -p 4000:4000 phihag/bts

Manual installation

To install, type


To start, type

make run  # Production mode
make dev  # Development mode


To start a display, go to http://IP:4000/d2 , where 2 is the court number (alternatively, just /d). To start an umpire panel, go to http://IP:4000/u2 , where 2 is the court number (alternatively, just /u).

Helper scripts

  • ./fetch-btp.js - Fetch data from BTP via TPNetwork protocol
  • div/decode.js - Decode VisualReality hex format