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Tensorflow - Very Deep Convolutional Neural Networks For Raw Waveforms -
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Very Deep Convolutional Networks For Raw Waveforms

Keras (Tensorflow) implementation of the paper:


  • Going really deep does not seem to help much on this dataset. We clearly overfit very easily. Adding more regularization might help. I haven't tried to use the FC layers (though it has been implemented).
  • We use the fold10 folder for the testing set and the remaining for the training set.
  • Models implemented:
[x] M3
[x] M5
[x] M11
[x] M18
[x] M34 (ResNet)

How to re-run the experiments?

Dataset can be downloaded here:

git clone
cd very-deep-convnets-raw-waveforms
sudo pip3 install -r requirements.txt
./ # will run M3, M5, M11, M18 and M34
M3 model - best accuracy: 0.673, trainable params = 221,194

M5 model - best accuracy: 0.743, trainable params = 559,114

M11 model - best accuracy: 0.752, trainable params = 1,786,442

M18 model - best accuracy: 0.710, trainable params = 3,683,786

M34 model - best accuracy: 0.725, trainable params = 3,984,154

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