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xclickroot runs a command every time a given mouse button is pressed on
the root window.

§ Installation

In order to build xclickroot you need the Xlib header files.

Edit to match your local setup (xclickroot is installed into
the /usr/local prefix by default).  Then enter the following command to
build and install xclickroot (if necessary as root).

	make clean install

§ Running xclickroot

xclickroot gets as argument an command and its arguments and run this
command every time the right mouse button is pressed on the root window.

One of the options -l, -m, -r, -1, -2, -3, -4, or -5 can be  passed as
first argument.  Those options indicates, respectivelly, that the left,
middle, right or N-th mouse button is to be used instead.

Call xclickroot on your ~/.xinitrc or ~/.xsession file in background,
before the window manager.  As the following:

	xclickroot -l xterm &

Read the manual for more information on running xclickroot.