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This is a list of links to textbooks originally created by openstax.org that have been converted into GitHub repositories so you can:

The Books

The "canonical" version of the books are in openstax.org and these repositories are mirrors of those versions. These books are licensed CC-BY (or CC-BY-NC-SA) so you can customize them for your course!

Each book repository contains a link at the top to view the book in a book reader. If you derive a copy, your book (and any changes you make) will be automatically hosted at http://${YOUR_GITHUB_USERNAME}.github.io/${BOOK_NAME} thanks to GitHub Pages.

What do I need to know?

If you want to customize the books you will need to:

If you want to view your custom book you will need to:

  • do the steps above (make sure you change something about the book first!)
  • go to http://${YOUR_GITHUB_USERNAME}.github.io/${THE_REPOSITORY_NAME}
    • If you see a 404 page then you probably did not change something about the book first (Try editing _config.yml and changing the title to something like Prof X's Biology Book derived from OpenStax ... and making a commit)

If you want to suggest edits (like typos or broken images) you will need to:

If you want to let other people edit your version of the book you will need to:

Pulling in updates from Openstax books

Note: You can probably ignore this part

See book-updater for details.