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Logs which devices are in your local network and draws graphs
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Logs which devices are in your local network and draws graphs




  1. Clone this repository and checkout the precompiled branch

    git clone
    cd nmap-log-parse
    git checkout gh-pages
  2. Add this line to your root crontab on your raspberry pi (or other device that is always on):

    */10 * * * * nmap -sn '192.168.178.*' -oX - >> /var/www/nmap-logs/$(date -I).xml

    You can edit the root crontab by running something like sudo EDITOR=nano crontab -e

    Replace '192.168.178.*' with your network range and /var/www/nmap-logs/ with the target location.

    This takes about ~10MB of storage per month.

    The above command must be put into the root crontab! Otherwise, nmap can't read mac-addresses and the output will be wrong.

  3. create a config.json file in the same folder as the index.html is in, overriding any of the values in the default config.

    for example:


    	"logFilesPath": "/nmap/logs/",
    	"staticLogFiles": ["logs/oldlogs"],
    	"deviceNames": {
    		"AB:CD:EF:01:23": "John's PC"

    Use staticLogFiles only if you have an undated log file from an older version.

  4. Wait more than an hour. Make sure the first log file (in the form 2019-06-29.xml) exists and contains XML documents.

  5. Open index.html in a browser. Open it from a server (like a minimal python3 -m http.server) instead of from the filesystem because of Cross-Domain security.


Made with React, the Dexie.js database and Highcharts.

Get the dependencies using yarn install, then run yarn dev to build.

This project is written in TypeScript, which is basically JavaScript (ES6), but strongly typed. I can recommend Visual Studio Code (on linux) for IntelliSense and Refactoring support.

If you have ideas to make this better please open an issue, or even better, send a pull request.

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