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Pulldown API. Common aliases and sets.
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Pulldown API

Registry for pulldown.

Add a set or alias by submitting a pull request.


Method URL Description
GET / Get the current registry object
GET /set/:identifier Get the set for a given identifier. This will be a list of further identifiers or URLs.


Name Description
Identifier String used to identify a URL, alias or set.
Alias An identifier that refers to another identifier in the registry. For example, underscore points to underscore.js.
Set An array of identifiers or URLs.

What it does

The Pulldown API is accessed when pulldown fails to resolve an identifier (say, jquery) to a URL locally. It checks its registry for a URL, alias or set associated with that identifier.

If it is found in the registry, a set is sent back to the client.

If it's not, the API searches CDNJS for a matching identifier. If it finds it, it returns a set containing the matched URL. Otherwise it returns a 404 with an empty set.


To run the tests:

$ foreman start -p 9005

In another tab:

$ npm test



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