List of projects looking for new lead maintainers, either abandoned or just looking for someone else to lead.
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Maintainers Wanted

Maintainers Wanted

This is a collection of projects open to new lead maintainers. The projects may be abandoned, or the maintainer(s) are just looking to move on.

Table of Contents

  1. Project List
  2. Submitting
  3. Badge

Project List


Nice and free .Net code coverage support for Visual Studio with OpenCover. [C#]


Easy full stack backup operations on UNIX-like systems. [Ruby]


Friendly English-like interface for your command line. Written in Ruby. [Ruby]


PDF merging, stamping, numbering and simple editing. Pure Ruby (no dependencies). [Ruby]


Strategies for cleaning databases. Can be used to ensure a clean state for testing. [Ruby]


Collection of RSpec/MiniTest matchers and Cucumber steps for testing email in a ruby app using ActionMailer or Pony. [Ruby]


Rails 3 and Rails 4 forum engine. [Ruby] [Rails]


An asynchronous .Net client library for Firebase. [C#] [Mono]


Git extensions to provide high-level repository operations for Vincent Driessen's branching model. [Shell]


GitX is a git GUI made for Mac OS X. [Objective C]


Grunt plugin to visualize performance metrics evaluated by Phantomas. [JS]


Compact OS X Pandora client that doesn't use Flash. [Objective C]

Holy Build Box

System for building cross-distribution Linux binaries. [Ruby]


Open source commenting server similar to Disqus. [Ruby]

jQuery Modal

The simplest possible modal for jQuery. [JS]

jQuery Tablesort

A tiny & dead-simple jQuery plugin for sortable tables [JS]


Simple Bootstrap with Metro style. [CSS]


Extendible AngularJS two-way binding support for Polymer elements and web components


The mobile-friendly, responsive, and lightweight jQuery date & time input picker. [JS]


Caching HTTP proxy. [C]


Vim plugin to add IDE-like functionality for Python. [Python]


Object-based searching. [Ruby] [Rails]


Road authoring tool for use with Unity, with splination and intersection generation. [Unity] [C#]

Role Requirement

Ruby on Rails gem for simple role based security for restful_authentication. [Ruby] [Rails]


A module that provides OAuth, OAuth2 and OpenID authentication for Play Framework applications. [Scala] [Play]

Slack plugin for Jenkins

Provides Jenkins notification integration with Slack or Slack compatible applications like RocketChat and Mattermost. [Java]


A simple terminal feed reader. [Python]


A service manager (supervisor) with pluggable backends and easy-to-use defaults. [Perl]

WebcamStudio For GNU/Linux

A multifeatured virtual webcam software to broadcast over the Internet. [Java]


Please make a pull request with the project added to this readme.

The requirements for accepting are simple:

  1. The PR follows the formatting in use already. Please keep the list alphabetized.

  2. The project must have at least 100 stars (if on Github). If it's not on Github, I'll use my best judgment as to whether it's worth including.

  3. There must be a way to validate the project is open to new maintainers. That could be an open issue, a notice, it looks like it's been abandoned, or you are the lead yourself.

  4. Please only post if the project is looking for a new lead maintainer, suggesting the current maintainer would like to deprioritize or move on. (Most projects are open to new contributors at all times.)


Add this badge to your project's readme after submitting to this repo:

Maintainers Wanted

Copy from Markdown:

[![Maintainers Wanted](](