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mplayerosx-builds is a collection of scripts I use to make make Mac OS X Application Bundles of mplayer2.

Originally this project contained custom mxcl/homebrew formulae for compilation and dependency management, but they have since then been moved to pigoz/homebrew-mplayer2 to make use of the new tap functionality available in Homebrew 0.9+.

I want to get binaries. Where are they?

The binaries are on Google code.

I want to build from source. What do I do?

Head to pigoz/homebrew-mplayer2

Making Mac OSX Bundles

Once you have compiled mplayer2 from source, you can make different types of bundles, they all have a few things in common:

  • the bundle is created in the deploy/ directory
  • the mplayer binary used in the bundle is the first in your path (the one listed by the which unix command).

Here is a list of bundles:

  • rake pkg:mpb[$version]: makes a standalone binary that you can drop to your Applications directory. If version is not provided the current date is used.
  • rake pkg:mposxt: makes a mpBinaries bundle that works with MPlayerOSX Extended.

Issues? Comments?

If you found some issues with these binaries or have some suggestions please open a ticket on the Issue Tracker.


Send me a pull request for small changes otherwise contact me by mail or IRC.


Drop me a mail at, follow me on twitter or find me on IRC (pigoz on rizon and freenode)