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Including an early GraphQL preview
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Data Hub Bundle (Early Preview)


This is an early, kind of experimental, preview of pimcore’s new data delivery & consumption platform. It aims to integrate different input & output channel technologies into a simple & easy-to-configure system on top of pimcore. Contributions of any kind are warmly appreciated. A short introduction video of an output channel based on the GraphQL query language can be found here.

Minimum Requirements

  • Pimcore >= 5.7


composer require pimcore/data-hub:dev-master

Supported Channels

  • GraphQL
  • CSV/XLS (coming soon...)
  • webservice (coming soon...)
  • ...

Adding a new configuration

Configuration Overview

Choose the channel type

Add Configuration

And get the configuration done

Example for GraphQL

Required Backend User Permission


  • admin role or
  • plugin_datahub_config
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