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Delicieux provides a self hosted bookmarking API compatible with Delicious - and probably Pinboard – clients.

At the moment Delicieux is tightly coupled to the Google App Engine platform. This should change in the future.

To preserve compatibility with the delicious API, Delicieux does not implement best practices: HTTP 200 for errors...

For more about the API, visit For more about the API, visit

Delicieux is not multi-tenant at the moment


  1. Register an application on Google App Engine
  2. Clone this repo
  3. Replace the application name in app.yaml
  4. Change the user/password in
  5. Deploy to Google App Engine

####Supported endpoints - Check to see when a user last posted an item - add a new bookmark - delete an existing bookmark - get bookmark for a single date, or fetch specific items - fetch recent bookmarks - list dates on which bookmarks were posted - fetch all bookmarks by date or index range - fetch a change detection manifest of all items - fetch popular, recommended and network tags for a specific url - fetch all tags - delete a tag from all posts - rename a tag on all posts

####Not Supported endpoints - fetch tag bundles - assign a set of tags to a bundle - delete a tag bundle


Self hosted bookmarking API – compatible with and




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