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Mobx Persist

npm version

$ npm install mobx-persist --save


import { observable } from 'mobx'
import { create, persist } from 'mobx-persist'

class SomeItem {
    @persist @observable  name = 'some'
    @persist @observable count = 0

class SomeStore {
    @persist('object') @observable         obj = { a: 1, b: 2 }
    @persist('map')    @observable   stringMap =<string>({})
    @persist('list')   @observable     numList = [1,2,3,4]
    @persist('object', SomeItem) @observable s = new SomeItem
    @persist('map', SomeItem)    @observable m =<SomeItem>({})
    @persist('list', SomeItem)   @observable l = []

const hydrate = create({
    storage: localForage,   // or AsyncStorage in react-native.
                            // default: localStorage
    jsonify: false  // if you use AsyncStorage, here shoud be true
                    // default: true

// create the state
export const someStore = new SomeStore()
hydrate('some', someStore).then(() => console.log('someStore has been hydrated'))

without decorators

const data = observable({
    title: 'no decorator',
    someObject: {
        a: 1,
        b: 'b',
    someArray: [{
        c: 1,
        d: 'd'
const schema = {
    title: true,
    someObject: {
        type: 'object',
        schema: {
            a: true,
            b: true
    someArray: {
        type: 'list',
        schema: {
            c: true,
            d: true
export const someStore = persist(schema)(data)
hydrate('some', someStore).then(() => console.log('someStore has been hydrated'))

with initial state

const initialState = window.__STATE__.some || {
    obj: { a: 2, b: 1 }
export const someStore = new SomeStore()

hydrate('some', someStore, initialState)
    .then(() => console.log('some hydrated'))


const result = hydrate('some', someStore, initialState)
const rehydrate = result.rehydrate
result.then(() => console.log('some hydrated'))

setTimeout(() => {
    rehydrate().then(() => console.log('rehydrated'))
}, 3000)



  • arguments
    • schema string/object Describes the type of data you are planning to persist. Not needed for JS primitive types. Options: 'object' | 'list' | 'map' or a structured schema object.
    • observable any The observable that you are persisting.
  • returns a persistence-enabled version of observable


  • arguments
    • config object Describes the storage container you want your data to reside in.
      • storage localForage/AsyncStorage/localStorage localForage-style storage API. localStorage for Web (default), AsyncStorage for React Native
      • jsonify bool Enables serialization as JSON
      • debounce number Debounce interval applied to storage calls (in miliseconds, default 0).
  • returns
    • hydrate function hydrate(key, store, initialState?, customArgs?)
      • key string The key of your datastore that you want to hydrate from your persisted record.
      • store object The store in which that key resides.
      • initialState object Optional initial state the store is seeded with.
      • customArgs object Optional custom arguments that are available during the deserialization process which can be used to pass in e.g. stores to model constructors during deserialization. See
      • returns IHydrateResult

interface IHydrateResult

extends Promise

  • methods
    • rehydrate function
      • returns IHydrateResult