Module for MagicMirror which shows a weekly timetable. Might be helpful for students/teachers/parents to show class schedules, weekly gym courses, sports training sessions, and general weekly recurring events.
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This a module for the MagicMirror. It displays today's timetable from a weekly recurring schedule. It is intended for regular weekly schedules, which have a low update frequency and thus can be maintained manually. Examples are:

  • kid’s school classes
  • student lectures
  • teacher’s teaching schedule
  • gym training classes
  • household chores
  • opening hours of bakery, post office, supermarket



  1. Navigate into your MagicMirror's modules folder.
  2. Execute git clone A new folder will appear.
  3. Navigate into folder MMM-WeeklySchedule.
  4. Execute npm install to install the node dependencies.


The entry in config.js can include the following options:

Option Description
schedule Defines the data the module shows. It consists of a definition for timeslots and lessons. See below.
updateInterval How often the content is updated.
Default value: 1 • 60 • 60 • 1000 // every 1 hour
showWeekdayinHeader Appends the module headertext with weekday name, e.g., on Monday
Default value: true
showNextDayAfter From this time of the day on the module shows the schedule of the next day. This is helpful when, e.g., a school day is over and you want to show what is up tomorrow. If you don't like this set the value to 23:59 or undefined.
Default value: 16:00

Below is an example of an configuration entry in config.js. Make sure that the days of week (mon, tue, wed, ...) are all lower case. The timeslots arrays shall have at least the same length as the longest array in lessons.*. In other words, make sure each lesson entry has a timeslot value.

If you want to show no entry at a particular time simply put an empty string as in the example below (cf. first entry for tue and sun). You can omit one or many weekdays (cf. entry for sat). On days without lessons the module shows the text no lessons.

The module is localized for English (en) and German (de). More input is very welcome.

    module: "MMM-WeeklySchedule",
    position: "top_left",
    header: "Hermione's classes",
    config: {
        schedule: {
            timeslots: [ "8:00", "10:00", "12:00", "14:00", "16:00" ],
            lessons: {
                mon: [ "Potions", "Defense against the Dark Arts", "Lunch Break", "Transfiguration" ],  
                tue: [ "", "Astronomy", "Lunch Break", "Charms", "History of Magic" ],
                wed: [ "Arithmancy", "Divination", "Lunch Break", "Muggle Studies", "Herbology" ],
                thu: [ "Care of Magical Creatures", "Care of Magical Creatures", "Lunch Break", "Transfiguration", "Charms" ],
                fri: [ "Potions", "Herbology", "Lunch Break", "Charms", "Defense against the Dark Arts" ],
                // no entries for saturday
                sun: [ "", "Quidditch Match", "Sunday Lunch" ]   // short day on sundays
        updateInterval: 1 * 60 * 60 * 1000, // every hour
        showNextDayAfter: "16:00"

The values in the timeslots array don't need to be a time. It is merely an arbitrary string. This allows to use the module also to announce shared workload like household chores. The screenshot below shows an example.

And here is the configuaration for this example.

    module: "MMM-WeeklySchedule",
    position: "top_left",
    header: "Household chores",
    config: {
            schedule: {
                    timeslots: [ "Feed the fish", "Set the table", "Take out the trash", "Hoover living room" ],
                    lessons: {
                            mon: [ "Bart",  "Marge", "Homer", "Lisa"  ],
                            tue: [ "Lisa",  "Bart",  "Marge", "Homer" ],
                            wed: [ "Homer", "Lisa",  "Bart",  "Marge" ],
                            thu: [ "Marge", "Homer", "Lisa",  "Bart"  ],
                            fri: [ "Bart",  "Marge", "Homer", "Lisa" ]
            updateInterval: 1 * 60 * 60 * 1000, // every hour
            showNextDayAfter: undefined


  • moment (installed via npm install)


  • This is my first project using Node, so feel free to submit pull requests or post on the issues and I will do my best to improve the project.

Special Thanks