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This card enables you to specify a target or start a zoned cleanup using live or static map, just like in Mi Home app. Additionally you can define a list of zones and choose the ones to be cleaned.
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Lovelace Xiaomi Vacuum Map card

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This card enables you to specify a target or start a zoned cleanup using live or static map, just like in Mi Home app. Additionally you can define a list of zones and choose the ones to be cleaned.

Go to target

Go to target

Zoned cleanup

Zoned cleanup

Defined zones

Defined zones

Configuration options

Key Type Required Default Description
entity string True - ID of Xiaomi vacuum entity
map_image string False - Path to image of map
map_camera string False - ID of map camera entity
camera_refresh_interval integer False 5 Update interval for map camera in seconds
calibration_points list True - Pairs of coordinates: in vacuum system and on map image. See: Calibration
zones list False Empty List of predefined zones
modes list False [go_to_target, zoned_cleanup, predefined_zones] List of displayed modes. Possible values: go_to_target, zoned_cleanup, predefined_zones
default_mode string False - Default selected mode. Possible values: go_to_target, zoned_cleanup, predefined_zones
debug boolean False false Enables alerts with coordinates after holding Start button. Possible values: true, false
service string False vacuum.send_command Allows to define service used after clicking Start button. See: Defining service
ignore_zones_limit boolean False false Disables 5 zones limit. Possible values: true, false. See: Defining service
language string False en Language used in the card. Possible values: en, de, dk, es, fr, it, nl, no, pl, ru, se

Example usage:

- name: Example
    - type: custom:xiaomi-vacuum-map-card
      entity: vacuum.xiaomi_vacuum
      map_image: '/local/custom_lovelace/xiaomi_vacuum_map_card/map.png'
        - vacuum:
            x: 25500
            y: 25500
            x: 466
            y: 1889
        - vacuum:
            x: 26500
            y: 26500
            x: 730
            y: 1625
        - vacuum:
            x: 25500
            y: 26500
            x: 466
            y: 1625
        - [[25500, 25500, 26500, 26500]]
        - [[24215, 28125, 29465, 32175]]
        - [[24245, 25190, 27495, 27940], [27492, 26789, 28942, 27889]]
        - [[28972, 26715, 31072, 27915], [29457, 27903, 31107, 29203], [30198, 29215, 31498, 31215], [29461, 31228, 31511, 32478]]


  1. Download xiaomi-vacuum-map-card.js, coordinates-converter.js, texts.js and style.js to /www/custom_lovelace/xiaomi_vacuum_map_card directory:
    mkdir -p www/custom_lovelace/xiaomi_vacuum_map_card
    cd www/custom_lovelace/xiaomi_vacuum_map_card/
  2. Add the card to resources in ui-lovelace.yaml or in the raw editor if you are using the frontend UI editor:
      - url: /local/custom_lovelace/xiaomi_vacuum_map_card/xiaomi-vacuum-map-card.js
        type: module


To calibrate this card you have to provide exactly 3 pairs of coordinates.

Each pair must consist of:

  • coordinates of a point in vacuum system (extracted by FloleVac or just by sending the vacuum to a desired point)
  • coordinates of a matching point on a map image

For the best outcome calibration points should form a right triangle.

If you have used this card before a migration guide will appear instead of the actual card.

Defining service

You can use a service parameter for example to run a script instead of starting a vacuum directly. Provided service will be run with following parameters:

  • entity_id - id of a vacuum
  • command - one of two:
    • app_goto_target - for Go to target mode
    • zoned_cleanup - for Zoned cleanup and Predefined zones modes
  • params - point or a list of zones (the same value as displayed in debug mode)
WARNING: In the current version of Home Assistant the service vacuum.send_command does not support templates!
To overcome this issue you can use a script and a python script.

Example HA script that can be used with this card is available here.


  • To find out values for calibration_points you can use the service vacuum.send_command with data:

      "entity_id": "vacuum.xiaomi_vacuum",
      "command": "app_goto_target",
      "params": [25500, 25500]

    Alternatively you can use vacuum.xiaomi_clean_zone:

      "entity_id": "vacuum.xiaomi_vacuum",
      "zone": [[25500, 25500, 26500, 26500]],
      "repeats": 1
  • You can find out coordinates for zones using two methods:

    • Enabling debug in settings, drawing zone in Zoned cleanup mode and holding Start button. Note: this method also works for other modes.
    • Android App FloleVac
  • To add another language modify file texts.js and set the language parameter in cards configuration.


  • Can this card show a live map?

    Yes, to show a camera feed as a background set property map_camera in configuration. This only works if you have rooted your device.

  • Does this card require rooted device?

    No, in the basic version it uses a static image as a map. Root is required to create camera that will show a live map.

  • How to create a map?

    You can use any image you want, the easiest way is to use a screenshot from Mi Home/FloleVac.

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