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JUnit parameterized made simple
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Zohhak - JUnit parameterized made simple

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Clean & DRY parameterized tests

Zohhak lets you write flexible parameterized JUnit tests without boilerplate. No need for data providers or custom constructors. Each test has its own set of parameters and you can use any types you want:

    "clerk,      45'000 USD, GOLD",
    "supervisor, 60'000 GBP, PLATINUM"
public void canAcceptDebit(Employee employee, Money money, ClientType clientType) {
    assertTrue(   employee.canAcceptDebit(money, clientType)   );

No plugin needed. Just run and you'll see:

eclipse run

Start using Zohhak

Get Java 5+, JUnit 4.5+ and read 3 minute Quick Start or Full Guide


Or download jar from maven central repo and add the dependency: org.apache.commons:commons-lang3:3.1


Zohhak was inspired by JUnitParams, Tapestry 5 and Spring. Thanks guys!

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