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Ban VPN providers using Autonomous Systems data
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This is a reboot of the failed project kidban, a system to ban proxies using whois data. The new thing is that this uses information related to Autonomous Systems (AS).


Put simply, kidban is an aid in automatizing the review and managing bans of AS. The intended usage is to ban VPN and hosting providers (that can be used as proxies), leaving out all the ISP that provide end-user access to the Internet. The actual IP ranges to ban are fetched from a public looking glass service.

It is theoretically possible to review all the AS in the world, but the approach used here is to seed the list of AS of interest from the IPs that your online service actually sees, or from lists of known proxies.

The workflow of ASkidban is divided in three steps: hits, decide, compile.

Seed the ASN list

You first import IP and turnresolve their ASN:

./ASkidban.lua -g /path/to/GeoIPASNum2.csv hits < my_hits_list

GeoIPASNum2.csv is the CSV GeoLite ASN database. my_hits_list is a list of IPs in dotted form, one per line.

Decide the tags

You review the AS with the following command:

./ASkidban.lua decide

This will bring up an interactive console, which will present to you the AS and their whois message in a summarized form (highlighting interesting words, ellipsizing unneded info and gathering URLs), and PeeringDB information. Each ASN is either dunno (blue, undecided), sir (green, good) or kid (red, bad). Your job is to tag dunnos into kids or sirs (so that ASkidban will not ask you about them anymore). Here is a screenshot of how it looks like:

A clearly bad ASN

Since this is clearly a kid, let us tag it so hitting k:

Tagged as kid

Refer to the built-in help for more info on how to navigate through the AS.

Tagging an ASN simply means moving the associated file around in the db/ folder. For example, if you tag ASN 1 from dunno to kid, ASkidban will simply rename db/dunno/1 to db/kids/1.

Compile the ban list

Run the following command:

./ASkidban.lua compile

and you get three compiled lists:

  • compiled/AS: list of kids
  • compiled/ipv4: list of IP ranges associated to kids
  • compiled/ipv4_compact: same as compiled/ipv4 but the IP range is encoded as ip * 0x40 + mask, and printed in decimal format.

The compile step makes use of RIPE Stats, through this API.


Lua 5.2 or luajit, and luarocks modules json, lua-curl, luafilesystem.

Current database status

The database embedded in this repository should not be used in "production" servers yet, as I am still deciding the exact definition of what is a kid or a sir. You can of course fork this repository, reset the db/{dunno,kids,sirs} folders (or move all files to db/dunno), and start from scratch.

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