General command line utility for working with Pivotal Operations Manager
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is a mantra, or vibration, that is traditionally chanted

enhancing your calm

What is it?

Magical tool that helps you configure and deploy tiles to an Ops-Manager 1.8+. Currently being developed by RelEng, backlog link is here.


See here for useful examples and documentation.

Some commands such as configure-product accept arguments as JSON. Please refer to the Ops Manager API documentation for examples of the fields that can be provided. The Ops Manager API documentation is available at


To download om go to Releases.

Alternatively, you can install om via apt-get or homebrew from package manager distributions maintained by Stark and Wayne:

# apt-get:
wget -q -O - | apt-key add -
echo "deb stable main" | tee /etc/apt/sources.list.d/starkandwayne.list
apt-get update

apt-get install om

# homebrew:
brew tap starkandwayne/cf
brew install om

You can also build from source.

Building from Source

You'll need at least Go 1.11, as om uses Go Modules to manage dependencies.

To build from source, after you've cloned the repo, run these commands from the top level of the repo:

GO111MODULE=on go mod download
GO111MODULE=on go build

Go 1.11 uses some heuristics to determine if Go Modules should be used. The process above overrides those herusitics to ensure that Go Modules are always used. If you have cloned this repo outside of your GOPATH, GO111MODULE=on can be excluded from the above steps.

Current Commands

om helps you interact with an Ops Manager

Usage: om [options] <command> [<args>]
  --client-id, -c, OM_CLIENT_ID                          string  Client ID for the Ops Manager VM (not required for unauthenticated commands)
  --client-secret, -s, OM_CLIENT_SECRET                  string  Client Secret for the Ops Manager VM (not required for unauthenticated commands)
  --connect-timeout, -o, OM_CONNECT_TIMEOUT              int     timeout in seconds to make TCP connections (default: 10)
  --decryption-passphrase, -d, OM_DECRYPTION_PASSPHRASE  string  Passphrase to decrypt the installation if the Ops Manager VM has been rebooted (optional for most commands)
  --env, -e                                              string  env file with login credentials
  --help, -h                                             bool    prints this usage information (default: false)
  --password, -p, OM_PASSWORD                            string  admin password for the Ops Manager VM (not required for unauthenticated commands)
  --request-timeout, -r, OM_REQUEST_TIMEOUT              int     timeout in seconds for HTTP requests to Ops Manager (default: 1800)
  --skip-ssl-validation, -k, OM_SKIP_SSL_VALIDATION      bool    skip ssl certificate validation during http requests (default: false)
  --target, -t, OM_TARGET                                string  location of the Ops Manager VM
  --trace, -tr, OM_TRACE                                 bool    prints HTTP requests and response payloads
  --username, -u, OM_USERNAME                            string  admin username for the Ops Manager VM (not required for unauthenticated commands)
  --version, -v                                          bool    prints the om release version (default: false)

  activate-certificate-authority  activates a certificate authority on the Ops Manager
  apply-changes                   triggers an install on the Ops Manager targeted
  assign-stemcell                 assigns an uploaded stemcell to a product in the targeted Ops Manager
  available-products              list available products
  bosh-env                        prints bosh environment variables
  certificate-authorities         lists certificates managed by Ops Manager
  certificate-authority           prints requested certificate authority
  config-template                 **EXPERIMENTAL** generates a config template for the product
  configure-authentication        configures Ops Manager with an internal userstore and admin user account
  configure-director              configures the director
  configure-ldap-authentication   configures Ops Manager with LDAP authentication
  configure-product               configures a staged product
  configure-saml-authentication   configures Ops Manager with SAML authentication
  create-certificate-authority    creates a certificate authority on the Ops Manager
  create-vm-extension             creates/updates a VM extension
  credential-references           list credential references for a deployed product
  credentials                     fetch credentials for a deployed product
  curl                            issues an authenticated API request
  delete-certificate-authority    deletes a certificate authority on the Ops Manager
  delete-installation             deletes all the products on the Ops Manager targeted
  delete-product                  deletes a product from the Ops Manager
  delete-ssl-certificate          deletes certificate applied to Ops Manager
  delete-unused-products          deletes unused products on the Ops Manager targeted
  deployed-manifest               prints the deployed manifest for a product
  deployed-products               lists deployed products
  download-product                downloads a specified product file from Pivotal Network
  errands                         list errands for a product
  export-installation             exports the installation of the target Ops Manager
  generate-certificate            generates a new certificate signed by Ops Manager's root CA
  generate-certificate-authority  generates a certificate authority on the Opsman
  help                            prints this usage information
  import-installation             imports a given installation to the Ops Manager targeted
  installation-log                output installation logs
  installations                   list recent installation events
  interpolate                     Interpolates variables into a manifest
  pending-changes                 lists pending changes
  regenerate-certificates         deletes all non-configurable certificates in Ops Manager so they will automatically be regenerated on the next apply-changes
  revert-staged-changes           reverts staged changes on the Ops Manager targeted
  ssl-certificate                 gets certificate applied to Ops Manager
  stage-product                   stages a given product in the Ops Manager targeted
  staged-config                   **EXPERIMENTAL** generates a config from a staged product
  staged-director-config          **EXPERIMENTAL** generates a config from a staged director
  staged-manifest                 prints the staged manifest for a product
  staged-products                 lists staged products
  tile-metadata                   prints tile metadata
  unstage-product                 unstages a given product from the Ops Manager targeted
  update-ssl-certificate          updates the SSL Certificate on the Ops Manager
  upload-product                  uploads a given product to the Ops Manager targeted
  upload-stemcell                 uploads a given stemcell to the Ops Manager targeted
  version                         prints the om release version