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om is a tool that helps you configure and deploy tiles to Ops-Manager. Currently being maintained by the Developer and Application Platform (DAP) Tanzu Application Service (TAS) Platform Provider Experience (PPE) team.


See here for useful examples and documentation.

When working with om, it can sometimes be useful to reference the Ops Manager API docs. You can find them at

NOTE: Additional documentation for om commands used in Platform Automation can be found in the VMware Tanzu Documentation.


om went 1.0.0 on May 7, 2019

As of that release, om is semantically versioned. When consumig om in your CI system, it is now safe to pin to a particular minor version line (major.minor.patch) without fear of breaking changes.

API Declaration for Semver

The om API consists of:

  1. All om commands not marked EXPERIMENTAL, and the flags for those commands
  2. All global om flags
  3. The format for any inputs to non-experimental om commands.
  4. The format for any outputs from non-experimental om commands.
  5. The file filename of the Github relases.

"EXPERIMENTAL" commands are still in development. We may rename them, alter their flags or behavior, or remove them entirely. When we're confident a command has the right basic shape and behavior, we'll remove the "EXPERIMENTAL" designation.

Changes internal to om will NOT be included as a part of the om API. The versioning here is for the CLI tool, not any libraries or packages included therein. The om team may change any internal structs, interfaces, etc, without reflecting such changes in the version, so long as the outputs and behavior of the commands remain the same.

Though om is used heavily in Platform Automation for PCF, which is also semantically versioned. om is versioned independently from platform-automation.


To download om go to Releases.

Alternatively, you can install om via apt-get via Stark and Wayne:

# apt-get:
sudo wget -q -O - | sudo  apt-key add -
sudo echo "deb stable main" | sudo  tee /etc/apt/sources.list.d/starkandwayne.list
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install om -y

Or by the Linux and Mac brew

brew tap pivotal-cf/om
brew install om

You can also build from source.

Building from Source

You'll need at least Go 1.12, as om uses Go Modules to manage dependencies.

To build from source, after you've cloned the repo, run these commands from the top level of the repo:

GO112MODULE=on go mod download
GO112MODULE=on go build

Go 1.11 uses some heuristics to determine if Go Modules should be used. The process above overrides those heuristics to ensure that Go Modules are always used. If you have cloned this repo outside of your GOPATH, GO111MODULE=on can be excluded from the above steps.