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-Apple Orchard is a set of scripts (bash & ruby) which run the
-recipes in [Pivotal Workstation](
-in order to create OS X disk images which are deployed via
-## Why?
-Apple Orchard delivers a disk image which we can use to quickly (~20 minutes)
-bring a freshly-unboxed OS X machine to a useful state.
-In our case, we use it for our developer workstations. Our developers
-use a variety of tools (IDEs such as RubyMine, editors such as vim and TextMate,
-databases such as MySQL and PostgrSQL, applications such as Chrome and Skype).
-When we give a developer a new machine, it is pre-loaded with those items.
-Our process of building a developer workstation is encapsulated in a series
-of Chef recipes (i.e. Pivotal Workstation). Apple Orchard pre-bakes those
-recipes in a disk image. Installing the disk image is faster than running
-the Chef recipes on each new workstation. Also, having a disk image spares the
-developer from problems such as inaccessible download servers, stale URLs, etc.
-The process is fairly automated. A typical workflow is as follows:
-* A developer updates the TextMate recipe and pushes to Pivotal's pivotal_workstation repo on github
-* An Apple Orchard Jenkins server detects that there has been an update to the repo and begins a build
-* At the end of the build (assuming success), the resulting disk image, with the new TextMate, is copied to the DeployStudio server
-## How do I set it up?
-If you're interested in setting it up yourself, please refer to the [wiki](
-## What will I need?
-You'll need the following:
-1. A DeployStudio server
-2. A [Jenkins]( server (can also be the same machine as the DeployStudio server)
-3. An OS X build machine (it can be a virtual machine running under VMWare Fusion)
-## Bugs
-This process doesn't capture recovery partitions
-(i.e. a newly-imaged machine won't have a recovery partition); however, this
-is workable by creating a package which installs a recovery partition.
-[This blogpost](
-has good information.
-The build process will frequently fail, a success rate of 20% is good.
-Failures can be caused by the DeployStudio share not mounted on boot by
-the OS X machine's "Persistent" personality, by stale download URLs, by offline
-download servers, by flawed gem dependencies, etc....
-# To whom do we complain?
-**apple_orchard** started as a side project of [Matthew
-Kocher]( and [Brian
-Cunnie]( of Pivotal Labs in Summer 2011.
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