Products Manager. Allow to create and list products on a site. Create dynamical attributes for products. Filter by categories and attribtes
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Pixelant Product Manager (pxa_product_manager)

This is an extension that shows products with a lot of filter and sorting possibilities.


Version ~ 2

  • Full extension rebuild
  • Use new hook to generate TCA data, no need to clear cache anymore
  • Attribute type with FAL files support
  • CKEditor products and categories linking
  • Improvements for Solr search
  • Support of product links with category tree in URL "category1/sub-category/product/product-name"
  • Wish list
  • Compare list
  • Grouped list
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Divide TCA tabs according to attribute sets
  • Functional tests
  • Support of TYPO3 >= 8.7
  • PHP version >= 7.0


We rely on node.js for a lot of our tooling. So if you haven't got it installed(shame on you!!) go to and fetch it.

To install tooling dependencies, run:

npm install

Then install the composer dependencies:

composer install


It's not allowed to push directly to master branch. All feature implementing and bugs fixing should be done using pull request.


For working with the extension, the following can be run to accomplish common tasks.

To run the PHP codesniffer run the following command:

npm run php:codesniffer

To run the PHP Unit tests run the following command:

npm run php:unittests

To run the PHP Functional tests run the following command:

npm run php:functionaltests

To simulate the build process without functional tests locally, then run this packaged command:

npm run build:suite_no_functional --silent

To simulate the full build process locally, then run this packaged command:

npm run build:suite --silent

To watch and compile the main .less file to .css:

npm run watch:css

When using t3kit and themes with the less compiler, three variables needs to be set (otherwise, the .less file will not be compiled): @main-color @main-text-color @border-color