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0.9.4 beta

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@dansup dansup released this 03 Jun 23:54
· 7367 commits to dev since this release

PSA: Due to the removal of Google Recaptcha, a one-time manual intervention is required. Please try the following after installing with composer:

rm -rf bootstrap/cache/*
composer dump-autoload
php artisan config:cache


  • Notification service
  • Notification card on timeline
  • Double-tap to like posts (no animation yet)
  • Moderator Mode for timelines
  • Emoji reaction bar
  • Like and reply to comments
  • Hello Loops! Short videos will now loop and be discoverable from the Discover page.
  • Labs: Optional profile recommendations
  • Labs: Show full caption instead of "read more" button
  • Labs: Simple "distraction-free" timeline -- no buttons, just images and captions


  • Refactored notification view into a Vue component
  • Preparations for Circles, DMs, and other upcoming functionality
  • Default limit of 7500 follows
  • Default limit of 20 follows per hour
  • Default limit of 5 mentions per comment/caption
  • Default limit of 30 hashtags per comment/caption
  • Default limit of 2 links per comment/caption


  • Google Recaptcha is no longer supported (#1231)
  • Lightbox has been deprecated in favor of double-tap-to-like; it will return as a dedicated button in the future (#1277)


  • Thumbnail info overlays on profiles should now scale down to small screens (#1234)
  • Moment UI containers are now properly sized (#1236)
  • Album posts now have contrast for next/prev arrows (#1238)
  • Filter previews now fit the image instead of stretching it (#1239)