globally capture whatever your mac is playing—as simply as a screenshot
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Mention that WavTap is broken on El Capitan.


Capture whatever your mac is playing to a .wav file on your Desktop—as simply as a screenshot.

(This is alpha software. It will cause your computer to catch fire. 🔥)


El Capitan

NB: WavTap is completely broken on El Capitan due to Apple's [System Integrity Protection] ( The next release of WavTap will fix this.


As of Yosemite, Apple bans drivers that haven't received explicit approval from Apple. The only workaround I'm aware of is to set a system flag to globally allow all unsigned kernel extensions. This means WavTap will not work unless you've enabled kext-dev-mode, using something like this:

sudo nvram boot-args=kext-dev-mode=1

Yes, this sucks.

Once that's done, run the installer.


make uninstall removes everything

Nerd Corner

WavTap began as a fork of Soundflower. thanks to Cycling '74, tap, ma++ ingalls, and everyone else who's contributed to it.