Creates indexes of troff documents, manipulates index files.
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Idx - manipulate index files

# Presentation

Idx is an helper tool to make and to manipulate index files. Idx has
been made to automatically index troff document, but it can also be
used manually, to make an index of a book.


* -d
Take troff output in entry, and output an index in a troff format.
Internally used by troff macros to build indexes. This is the default.
* -h
Print a short help.
* -m
Mix all lines in a single line.
* -p
Take a list of words in entry, and output a list of pages.
* -r
Reformat a list of words to fix errors.
* -t
Take a list of pages in entry, and output an index in a troff format.
* -w
Take a list of pages in entry, and output a list of words.

Short Example

Here is how I indexed the books I was reading for my thesis.
- Read the book, and, annotate it to underline the words you’ll have
  to index.
- On a file of your computer, write an index formatted as a list of
  pages: for each page of the book, write the words it contains.
- Use idx to translate this file to a sorted list of words:
	idx -w a.idx > b.idx
- You should read this list of words, since you’ll probably have to
  correct some mistakes, or rename some index entry.
- Once done, reformat it with idx:
	idx -r b.idx > c.idx
- Use idx to pass this formatted index to troff:
	idx -t c.idx | troff | dpost >

# Build

To build and install idx and its manual page, run:

    make install

To uninstall and clean, run:

    make uninstall
    make clean

# License

Idx and its man page are distributed under the ISC License.

# Author

Pierre-Jean Fichet.