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June 11, 2023 17:46

NB: This fork of PDS for Reddit uses a 5-second timer to stay within the new rate limits. It was hastily edited from @leeola's fork. @leeola deserves all credit for the timeout function. I simply completed the rest of the "install it as a bookmark" workflow.

Please note this will take a LONG time on very old accounts. Ex. ~8hrs for 4000 comments.

Power Delete Suite with 5 second timeout

Why use the Power Delete Suite instead of the other mass reddit deletion scripts?

  1. There is complete privacy built in. There are no callbacks to any personal servers, no tracking, or logging. You don't even have to enter your password. EVER. *ahem, shreddit* You are completely anonymous.
  2. There is NO NEED to use never ending reddit to load as many comments / submissions. This script uses the actual Reddit API endpoints to edit and delete instead of automating clicks on delete and edit buttons. *ahem, reddit overwrite*
  3. It's pretty damn thorough. It will first load up your comments page(s), then load your submissions page(s), then do searches with the reddit search api. With EACH of those, it sorts by new, then hot, then top, then controversial. And if we're sorting by top or controversial, it will loop through the timeframes as well (all, year, month, week, day, hour). This makes sure to grab everything it can possibly find.
  4. It has FILTERS! You can make choices about what you want deleted. Filters include:
  • choosing which subreddits to perform actions in
  • filtering based on the item's score
  • filtering based on the item's date time
  • excluding gilded comments and posts
  • excluding saved comments and posts
  • excluding mod distinguished comments and posts
  1. When editing comments, you choose what you want it to be edited to. I'm not going to do some self promo bullshit on your account. What you edit it to is your own business. *ahem, reddit overwrite*
  • If you are both editing AND deleting, it makes sure to edit the comment or self post BEFORE deleting it.
  • Many subreddits have Automoderator configs that could be triggered when you edit, so avoid putting anything unsavory or overly paranoid in your edits
  1. You can do an export of all the content you filter, whether or not you're deleting or editing!
  2. It pulls the latest version from github, so whenever I add new features or fix bugs, you have it instantly!
  3. It was built by /u/j0be, a well known reddit user with a long reddit history and moderates several large subreddits. This means you don't just have to implicitly trust "some random person you can't track down." *ahem, reddit overwrite*


Power Delete Suite Control Center


Install PowerDeleteSuite

NB: There seems to be a little bit of a bug here where when you load the bookmarklet, you need to do it twice. I don't know if it's part of the original PDS or some change I made. Will try to track it down if I have time.

TLDR: Once you're on your overview page, click the PDS bookmark one more time.

Bugs / Issues?

Feel free to subscribe to /r/PowerDeleteSuite/ where I will make a post every time that I make an update to the script!


Power Delete Suite for Reddit






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