Laravel-Mediable is a package for easily uploading and attaching media files to models with Laravel 5.

Updated Oct 18, 2016

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forked from baseballhackday/

The new Baseball Hack Day website

Updated Mar 15, 2016


WP-Portability is a plugin designed to quietly make your site more portable. It is to designed to facilitate the work that needs to be done when and if a website needs to be moved to another directory or server or if the domain name changes.

Updated Sep 8, 2014

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Updated Aug 29, 2013


An inhouse PHP framework based on the principles of MVC

Updated May 29, 2013


forked from backup/backup

Backup is a RubyGem, written for Linux and Mac OSX, that allows you to easily perform backup operations on both your remote, as well as your local environment. It provides you with an elegant DSL in Ruby for modeling (configuring) your backups. Backup has built-in support for various databases, storage protocols/services, syncers, compressors, e…

Updated Jun 30, 2011


forked from campaignmonitor/createsend-php

A php library for v3 of the createsend API

Updated Mar 29, 2011


A handy class used when dealing with MySQL and distance calculations.

Updated Mar 4, 2011


A better way to browse the CakePHP Book

Updated Jan 10, 2011


A CakePHP Plugin for PDF-ing output

Updated Nov 26, 2010

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Asset manager that has been customized to work with CakePHP

Updated Nov 17, 2010


CakePHP Plugin for making CSVs. Simple, but works.

Updated Oct 15, 2010


A fork of PHP Google Map API Class

Updated Jul 31, 2010

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A fork of the markerClusterer project at

Updated Jul 31, 2010


SSL Secure Component: Programmatically securing your controller actions.

Updated Jun 23, 2010


A component-based state machine for restricting the user control flow graph.

Updated Feb 19, 2010


An enumerable behavior wrapped in a plugin, for CakePHP listing needs.

Updated Feb 12, 2010


Authority: Simple static access control lists for the rest of us.

Updated Feb 12, 2010

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