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BrAPI V1.3

The Breeding API (BrAPI) is a Standardized RESTful Web Service API Specification for communicating Plant Breeding Data. BrAPI allows for easy data sharing between databases and tools involved in plant breeding.


Version Status Release Date SwaggerHub Apiary Notes
V1.3 In Development Planned: Oct 26, 2018 DEV DEV Project
V1.2 Latest Stable Release Apr 27, 2018 PROD PROD Release Notes / Change File
V1.1 Archived Jan 26, 2018 Archive-1.1 Release Notes / Change File
V1.0 Archived Nov 13, 2017 Archive-1.0 Release Notes

Resources - The home of all things BrAPI

BrAPI On Apiary - Apiary documentation of BrAPI

BrAPI On SwaggerHub - SwaggerHub documentation of BrAPI

BrAPI Community Forum - Consult with BrAPI experts from all over the world

BRAVA - Test your BrAPI Server with this robust test client

BrAPI Test Server - Test your BrAPI Client against sample data