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OpsWorks CLI


The missing OpsWorks CLI, run commands across stacks (and across regions), check your instances, apps, deployments, ELBs, with a smart filtering system.



npm install -g opsworks


opsworks <command> [args]

The OpsWorks CLI has multiple commands, similar to git, apt-get or brew. When you run opsworks with no arguments, you get an interactive prompt.

GUI / Prompt

For simple tasks, just use opsworks without a command and you'll get an interactive prompt.



opsworks needs to access the AWS API using your credentials. Just like the AWS SDK or CLI, it will look for credentials in two places :

  • From the shared credentials file (~/.aws/credentials)
  • From environment variables

To use the credentials file, create a ~/.aws/credentials file based on the template below :



command description
stacks list OpsWorks stacks
deployments list OpsWorks deployments
instances list instances
apps list apps
elbs list Elastic Load Balancers
update update cookbooks
setup run setup recipes
configure run configure recipes
deploy deploy specified app
recipes run specified recipes

Shared options for these commands

  • -f Specify filter (see below)
  • -u Update cookbooks before running the command
  • -y Do not ask for confirmation

Note: by default, when you do not specify -y, the CLI will display a summary of what commands it will run and on which layer of which stacks as a precaution.


Any opsworks command accepts filters. There are three built-in filters :

field description
layer The Shortname of the layer
stack The Name of the stack
region The stack's region

The format is field:filter,field2:filter2,... You can use wildcards, or even use regexes.

For example the command bellow would match all stacks whose name contain wordpress, and only include their database layer.

opsworks instances -f 'stack:*wordpress*,layer:database'

Using regexes to check ELBs of two wordpress stacks at once :

opsworks instances -f 'stack:(prod|staging)-wordpress'

Additionally, if you use custom JSON on your stacks or layers, you can use arbitrary filters. For example, if your custom JSON has an env variable, this would work :

opsworks instances -f 'env:production'


Please feel free to open an issue if you find a bug or to request a feature. Please make sure to include all relevant logs.


Developed by Tristan Foureur for Plivo


Copyright © Plivo Inc.

All code is licensed under the MIT License. See file for details.