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@etpinard etpinard released this Oct 5, 2017 · 5231 commits to master since this release


  • Add table trace type [#2052]
  • Add making geo views fully reproducible using layout attributes [#2030]
  • Add lasso and select-box drag modes to scattergeo and choropleth traces [#2030]
  • Add lasso and select-box drag modes to bar and histogram traces [#2045]
  • Add scale option to Plotly.toImage and Plotly.downloadImage [#1979]
  • Add plot-schema.json to dist/[#1999]


  • Throttle lasso and select-box events for smoother behavior [#2040]
  • Harmonize gl3d and gl2d zoom speed with cartesian behavior [#2041]


  • Fix numerous restyle and relayout bugs [#1999]
  • Fix handling of extreme off-plot data points in scatter lines [#2060]
  • Fix hoverinfo array support for scattergeo, choropleth, scatterternary and scattermapbox traces [#2055]
  • Fix Plotly.plot MathJax promise chain resolution [#1991]
  • Fix legend double-click trace isolation behavior for graphs with visible: false traces [#2019]
  • Fix legend visibility toggling for traces with groupby transforms [#2019]
  • Fix single-bin histogram edge case [#2028]
  • Fix autorange for bar with base zero [#2050]
  • Fix annotations arrow rendering when graph div is off the DOM [#2046]
  • Fix hover for graphs with scattergeo markers outside 'usa' scope [#2030]
  • Fix handling of cross anti-meridian geo lonaxis ranges [#2030]
  • Fix miter limit for lines on geo subplots [#2030]
  • Fix marker.opacity handling for scattergeo bubbles [#2030]
  • Fix layout animation of secondary axes [#1999]
  • Fix sankey hover text placement for empty link.label items [#2016]
  • Fix sankey rendering of nodes with very small values [#2017, #2021]
  • Fix sankey hover label positioning on pages that style the 'svg-container' div node [#2027]
  • Fix aggregation transforms restyle calls [#2031]
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