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A shell wrapper for ZeroMQ. (
Latest commit 5c79d85 Jan 19, 2013 @plq The code was re-licensed under the three-clause BSD license.
Why on earth was it LGPL anyway?!

This is a shell wrapper for ZeroMQ. Currently it can talk with a zeromq server using only a REQ socket.


Just run make. You can customize include or library paths like so:

make LIBRARY_PATH=$HOME/.local/lib INCLUDE_PATH=$HOME/.local/include


just run make install

You can customize installation prefix like so:

make install PREFIX=$HOME/.local



zmq <SOCKET_TYPE> <DESTINATION_URI> [messages ...]


zmq REQ tcp://localhost:5556 hello


In REQ mode, zmq sends one message, recv's one message, then exits. The messages can be multipart messages -- zmq sends each argument as a message part and prints each part in an incoming message in a new line.

Just like other shell tools, this is mainly for exchanging text-only messages. You are advised to switch to more capable languages for dealing with binary data.

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