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Unleash the power of Plummb.
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What is this repository for?

  • This demonstrates the power of Plummb. It also provides a way to play around with pre-configured rules.


  • During UAT, certain actions can be Simulated, thus enabling proper testing.
    • Class - SimulationTest
      • Delay Action
        • Introduce a delay in minutes before calling actual method.
      • Throw Exception Action
        • Throw a custom Exception before calling actual method.
  • Certain actions can be introduced when an Exception is thrown.
    • Class - ResilienceTest
      • Retry Action
        • At times retrying a method succeeds when making a call network call.
    • Class - CircuitBreakerTest
      • Circuit Breaker Action
        • Closed Circuit
          • A call starts with a Closed Circuit
        • Open Circuit
          • When call failures cross an Open threshold, the circuit becomes Open. Means at this time, configured Exception is thrown without calling actual method.
        • Half-Open Circuit
          • When call failures cross a Half-Open threshold, the circuit becomes Half-Open. Means only few percentage of times actual call is made, while an Exception is thrown for the rest.
  • An exception message can be modified. Especially helpful when the original exception contains some sensitive information.
    • Class - MorphingTest
      • Morphing a sensitive Exception message
  • Logging the performance and depth of methods
    • Class - ExpensiveServiceTest
      • Method Logging
        • Emit information if a method has taken at least X milliseconds.
      • Pending Method Logging
        • Emit information if a method has been pending for at least X milliseconds and still executing.

IP Tracking

  • IP is NOT tracked for this account.


  • Java 7+
  • Maven 3.3.9 or above

How do I set it up?

  • The project contains a bundled Plummb Jar file.
  • Just clone the repository and execute mvn clean install

Working with Latest Plummb Jar

  • Login to
  • Download appropriate Plummb tar from Help link
  • Follow the process to install Plummb Jar
  • Remove 2 lines from pom.xml, as marked

Playing Around

  • TheContext is the object to play around. By default all are enabled.
    • Set simulationEnabled flag to enable/disable Simulation Rules
    • Set resilienceEnabled flag to enable/disable Resilience Rules
    • Set circuitEnabled flag to enable/disable Circuit Breakers
    • Set morphEnabled flag to enable/disable Morphing
    • All settings can be viewed using Guest login

Running Test Case against my account

  • Sign In/Up at
  • Disclaimer: Below images may be obsolete. Login as Guest for latest configurations.
  • Update "Organization Info" as shown
    Organization Info
  • Click "Access Keys", an access key is already generated.
    • Update accessKey in src/main/resources/
  • Execute mvn clean install.
    • This will fail presently.
    • This execution will help in filling the Drop Down for configuring Rules
  • Create "Simulation Rule" as below
    • Exception : Info and Action
    • Delay : Info and Action
  • Create "Resilience Rule" as below
    • Retry : Info and Action
    • Circuit Breaker : Info and Action
      Circuit Breaker
      Circuit Breaker
    • Morph : Info and Action
  • Execute again mvn clean install
    • This time the test cases should succeed

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