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PesaPI is an API for mobile money systems across Africa. Using PesaPI you can save considerable time and effort when integrating mobile money systems into your application, making it easy for your application to detect when a payment has been received. Full details on
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I have added initial support for MTN private accounts in Uganda.
Currently I only know about the format of receiving money in a direct transfer, so the system is limited to this type of transaction.
If anyone got more examples of MTN mobile money SMS's in Uganda then feel free to post them on the pesapi mailinglist.
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PesaPI is an unofficial open source API for mobile money systems, released under the BSD(lite) license.
The system currently support:

  • Kenya: Mpesa paybill accounts
  • Kenya: Mpesa buygoods (lipa na mpesa) accounts
  • Kenya: Mpesa private accounts
  • Kenya: Airtel private accounts
  • Kenya: Airtel paybill accounts (experimental)
  • Ghana: Airtel private accounts (experimental)
  • Rwanda: MNT private accounts (experimental)
  • Tanzania: Mpesa private accounts
  • Tanzania: Tigo private accounts
  • Somalia: Golis Sahal private accounts (experimental)
  • Uganda: MTN private accounts (experimental)

The API supports both PUSH and PULL versions. The PHP version of the API is generally the most mature and recomended at this point - the system is build using Mysql and Curl.

For further information please visit or the the public mailing-list "pesaPi" on Google-groups:

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