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@github-actions github-actions released this 16 Apr 10:30
· 113 commits to main since this release

Major Changes

  • Node.js v16 and 17 support discontinued

    If you still require Node.js 16 or 17, don't worry. We ship pnpm bundled with Node.js. This means that regardless of which Node.js version you've installed, pnpm will operate using the necessary Node.js runtime. For this to work you need to install pnpm either using the standalone script or install the @pnpm/exe package.

  • Corepack compatiblity:

    pnpm will now check the package.json file for a packageManager field. If this field is present and specifies a different package manager or a different version of pnpm than the one you're currently using, pnpm will not proceed. This ensures that you're always using the correct package manager and version that the project requires.

    NOTE: If you want to make this check less strict, set the package-manager-strict setting to false or the COREPACK_ENABLE_STRICT env variable to 0.

  • Configuration updates:

  • Lockfile changes:

    • Lockfile v9 is adopted. This new format has changes for better readability, and better resistence to Git conflicts.
    • Support for lockfile v5 is dropped. Use pnpm v8 to convert lockfile v5 to lockfile v6 #7470.
  • Dependency resolution changes:

    • Correct resolution of peer dependencies that have their own peer dependencies.
      Related issue: #7444.
      Related PR: #7606.
    • Optional peer dependencies may be resolved from any packages in the dependency graph #7830.
  • pnpm licenses list prints license information of all versions of the same package in case different versions use different licenses. The format of the pnpm licenses list --json output has been changed #7528.

  • A new command added for printing completion code to the console: pnpm completion [shell]. The old command that modified the user's shell dotfiles has been removed #3083.

  • When installing git-hosted dependencies, only pick the files that would be packed with the package #7638.

Minor Changes

  • It is now possible to install only a subdirectory from a Git repository.

    For example, pnpm add github:user/repo#path:packages/foo will add a dependency from the packages/foo subdirectory.

    This new parameter may be combined with other supported parameters separated by &. For instance, the next command will install the same package from the dev branch: pnpm add github:user/repo#dev&path:packages/bar.

    Related issue: #4765.
    Related PR: #7487.

  • node-gyp updated to version 10.

  • PowerShell completion support added #7597.

  • Support node-options option inside .npmrc file when running scripts #7596.

  • Added support for registry-scoped SSL configurations (cert, key, and ca). Three new settings supported: <registryURL>:certfile, <registryURL>:keyfile, and <registryURL>:ca. For instance:


    Related issue: #7427.
    Related PR: #7626.

  • Add a field named ignoredOptionalDependencies. This is an array of strings. If an optional dependency has its name included in this array, it will be skipped #7714.

  • The checksum of the .pnpmfile.cjs is saved into the lockfile. If the pnpmfile gets modified, the lockfile is reanalyzed to apply the changes #7662.

  • Added cache for pnpm dlx #5277.

Patch Changes

  • Package tarballs are not downloaded during --lockfile-only installation #1328.
  • Peer dependency rules should only affect reporting, not data in the lockfile #7758.
  • Link overrides should be able to use absolute path #7749.
  • pnpm dlx should not read settings from the current working directory #7916.

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