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All FightCade Savestates try to share the following common config:

Cabinet options:

  • 1coin = 9credits
  • 2coin = 9credits
  • Rest of the options are default.
  • Game starts always with 99 credits to avoid spamming the coin button.

Slot 1 options:

  • Language: English
  • Continue: With
  • Difficulty: Level 8
  • Show Credit Level: Both OFF
  • Blood: On/Red
  • Rest of the options are default.

In-game options:

  • Always try to start at the more "esthetic" frame (This varies from game to game)
  • Unlock all the secret characters (or extra content) while they are not unbalanced and they are legally available (not by using any exploit, trainer, cheat or similar).
  • Always activate the Japanese Region. This is because some games have censorship in other countries.

Of course, this is under the community demand. If anybody want to share something left or want to modify something because it is better for the community we will modify it.


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