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a WebRTC audio broadcast server
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A server which allows audio publishers to broadcast to subscribers on a channel, using nothing more than a modern web browser.

It uses websockets for signalling & WebRTC for audio.

The designed use case is for live events where language translation is happening. A translator would act as a publisher and people wanting to hear the translation would be subscribers.


This project uses 'dep' for vendoring.

  • Install Go e.g. yum install golang or apt-get install golang
  • Define your Go Path e.g. export GOPATH=$HOME/go
  • Fetch the project go get -d
  • run dep ensure in the project root
  • run go build

You will find the compiled binary under ~/go/bin and the html+css under ~/go/src/*


$ babelcast \
	-webRootPublisher $GOPATH/src/ \
	-webRootSubscriber $GOPATH/src/ \
	-port 8080

Users should point their web browser to http://<server-ip>:8080/static/

If the PUBLISHER_PASSWORD environment variable is set, then publishers will be required to enter the password before they can connect.

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