Possis Library is just another Bukkit Plugin Library
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Possis Library is just another Bukkit Plugin Library

The main goal to achiev with this library is to generate the plugin.yml and config.yml automatically from source code. So adding new permissions or increasing version number in pom.xml doesn't require you to update plugin.yml. Make your config.yml auto-update able.

To generate the plugin.yml before jar-generation you have to use Maven to build your project. As long as there is no documentation take a look at the pom.xml from LimitedCreative.

Possis Code-Conventions

  • 4 Spaces, no Tabs.
  • Opening braces in same line
  • Max. line length of 120 chars is explicit optional! (Don't come up with breaking at 80 chars, that doesn't help anyone!)

CheckStyle configuration: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/5023975/coding/checkstyle.xml

How to use CheckStyle in Eclipse: http://eclipse-cs.sourceforge.net/downloads.html then Right-click the Project and Checkstyle -> Actiate Checkstyle


To use Bukkit Translations you can use this tool: http://public.ja-s.de/bukkit/translation.php to convert between .properties and lua-style translations.