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This repository loads a variety of datasets for childhood lead poisoning modeling.


The code for each phase of etl is located in the corresponding subdirectory and is executed using a drakefile. The output of each phase is contained in a database schema of the same name.

input: Load raw data, see input folder for more details.

buildings: Analyze the Chicago buildings shapefile to extract all addresses and group them into buildings and complexes.

aux: Process the data to prepare for model building. This includes summarizing and spatially joining datasets.

dedupe:Deduplicate the names of children from the blood tests and the WIC Cornerstone database.

output: Use the above to create final tables used for exploration, analysis and model feature generation.


1.External Dependencies

Install these programs:

  • drake (tested with version 1.0.3)
  • mdbtools (0.7.1)
  • ogr2ogr (2.1.0) with PostgreSQL driver (requires libmq)
  • shp2pgsql (2.2.2)
  • postgresql-client (9.6.0)

2. Libraries

sudo apt install libblas-dev liblapack-dev libatlas-base-dev gfortran libhdf5-serial-dev

Python modules:

pip install -r requirements.txt

3. Create and configure PostgreSQL database:

Create a database on a PostgreSQL server (tested with version 9.5.4). Install the PostGIS (2.2.2) and unaccent extensions (requires admin privileges):


4. Load American Community Survey data:

Use the acs2pgsql tool to load ACS 5-year data for Illinois into the database. Note that a subset of this data will be imported into the lead pipeline below, so the ACS data may be stored in a separate database from the lead data.

5. Configure a profile:

Copy ./lead/example_profile to ./lead/default_profile and set the indicated variables.

6. Run the ETL workflow by typing drake.

To run steps in parallel add the argument --jobs=N where N is the number of cores to use.

To load data into the pipeline first add the path to the data profile into the example_profile. The top-level Drakefile consists of %include statements that bring necessary paths from example_profile and the Drakefiles of the sub-directories input, buildings, aux, and dedupe.




- Eric Potash (
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