Glium-based front-end to the xi editor
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xi glium

Xi glium is a glium and glium_text-based interface on top of the xi editor project back-end.


xi glium


  • Write and backspace text,
  • navigate using mouse, arrows, page-up and page-down,
  • select text using keyboard and mouse,
  • cut, copy, paste and delete selection,
  • load (ctrl-o), save (ctrl-s) and save-as (ctrl-shift-s) using GTK dialogs,
  • F1 to line-wrap

You must specify a path to the xi-core executable (build by cargo inside the rust subdirectory of xi-editor). Works with the xi-editor commit 2e88632, but the HEAD is a good bet.


On Linux you might need to install the package xmu first.

sudo apt-get install libxmu-dev libxi-dev

Example usage

xicore=../xi-editor/rust/target/debug/xi-core cargo run


MIT License