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A payment backend for django-shop
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Django Shop Stripe plugin

A plugin to use stripe with django-shop.


Add shop_stripe to your INSTALLED_APPS variable in your file.

Next, add a few configuration variables in the same file:



That's it!


Thanks to's wonderful jscript features, it's painfully simple to integrate.

The shop_stripe plugin uses all the default django-shop templates, and the most important for our purposes is:


Here's an example to handle Stripe test input with a Stripe.js overlay. See the Stripe documentation for details, as well as other methods of integration.

{% extends "base.html" %}

{% block extra_head %}
{% include "_stripe_head.html" %}
{% endblock %}

{% block content %}
<form action="" method="POST">
{% csrf_token %}
src="" class="stripe-button"
data-name="Demo Site"
data-description="2 widgets ($20.00)"
{% endblock %}

Note that we include _stripe_head.html, that's the heavy lifting template that just pulls in the Stripe jscript.


That's really it for now. The bulk of our logic is the file.


  1. Allow user-configurable fields to validate. django-shop-stripe currently doesn't even check the billing address of a user (which is becoming increasingly passe with credit cards anyhow...)
  2. Provide better, functional forms for the library. Do you know how to render id-less form field inputs with Django forms? Stripe requires that you have no IDs on inputs, which means the form data NEVER hits your server and you stay clean with the law.
  3. Tests.
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