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powershell 6.1.0 is released, so now be able to install and use stable (non-preview) package on ubuntu 18.04, 18.10 .
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PowerShell Documentation

Welcome to the PowerShell-Docs repository, housing the official PowerShell documentation.

Repository Structure

Each of the following top-level folders in this repo contain a DocSet that is published to Microsoft Docs.

  • /developer/ is the future home of the PowerShell SDK documentation
    • We are in the process of migrating this content from MSDN
  • /dsc/ is for the Desired State Configuration feature
  • /gallery/ is for the PowerShell Gallery
  • /jea/ is for the Just Enough Administration feature
  • /reference/ is for PowerShell conceptual topics and module reference across versions 3.0, 4.0, 5.0, 5.1, and 6.0
    • This content is also the source of help content retrieved by the Get-Help cmdlet
  • /wmf contains release notes for the Windows Management Framework, the package used to distribute new versions of PowerShell to previous versions of Windows.


We actively merge contributions into this repository via pull request into the staging branch. Please note that before you submit a pull request you must sign a Contribution License Agreement to ensure that the community is free to use your submissions.

For more information on contributing, read our contributor's guide. The contributor's guide contains detail information about how to contribute documentation, suggested tools, and style and formatting requirements. Please use the Issue and Pull Request templates to help keep documentation consistent across versions.


There are two license files for this project. The MIT License applies to the code contained in this repo. The Creative Commons license applies to the documentation.