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For desktop(ie5.5+) or mobile webApp without jQuery,create full screen pages fast and simple.

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for desktop(ie5.5+) and mobile

You can use it for creating your personal pages and webApp.

Without jQuery.Less than 9KB.

兼容桌面端(ie5.5+) 和 手机端


这是一个不使用jQuery小巧的框架 不到9KB

This is a Demo.

Here are some examples which use fullpage.

PC Mobile



Fullpage only needs to follow a simple pattern. Here is an example:

<div id="pageContain">	
	<div class="page page1 current">
		<div class="contain">
			<!-- your own code here-->
    <!-- ect.. -->

<ul id="navBar">
	<!-- ect.. -->


你可以在 page 的 div 上加上 data-step, 当含有这个属性时, 你可以创造出不切屏的逐桢动画, fullpage 会为你自动添上 step1,step2,step3 这些 class, 并且在step终止时切屏.(详见Demo)

Above is the initial required structure– a series of elements wrapped in two containers. Place any content you want within the items. The containing div will need to be passed to the Fullpage function like so:

var runPage = new FullPage({

  id : 'pageContain',                            // id of contain
  slideTime : 800,                               // time of slide
  continuous : false,                            // create an infinite feel with no endpoints
  effect : {                                     // slide effect
          transform : {
            translate : 'Y',                      // 'X'|'Y'|'XY'|'none'
            scale : [.1, 1],                      // [scalefrom, scaleto]
            rotate : [0, 0]                       // [rotatefrom, rotateto]
          opacity : [0, 1]                       // [opacityfrom, opacityto]
  mode : 'wheel,touch,nav:navBar',               // mode of fullpage
  easing : 'ease',                               // easing('ease','ease-in','ease-in-out' or use cubic-bezier like [.33, 1.81, 1, 1];
  start : 1					 // which page will display when install
    //  ,onSwipeStart : function(index, thisPage) {   // callback onTouchStart
    //    return 'stop';
    //  }
    //  ,beforeChange : function(index, thisPage) {   // callback before pageChange
    //    return 'stop';
    //  }
    //  ,callback : function(index, thisPage) {       // callback when pageChange
    //    alert(index);
    //  };

I always place this at the bottom of the page, externally, to verify the page is ready.


  • id String - 外层包裹id

  • slideTime Integer (default:800) - 每页切换时间(毫秒)

  • effect Object (default:{}) - 效果参数

  • continuous Boolean (default:false) - 是否循环(即能从最后页跳到第一页面)

    • transform

      • translate String 切换方向 'X'|'Y'|'XY'|'none' 表示 X轴|Y轴|XY轴|无
      • scale Array 缩放 [scalefrom, scaleto] 表示 [起始缩放比例, 结束时缩放比例]
      • rotate Array 旋转 [rotatefrom, rotateto] 表示 [起始旋转角度, 结束时旋转角度]
    • opacity Array 透明度 [opacityfrom, opacityto] 表示 [起始透明度, 结束时透明度]

  • mode String (default:'') - 转换模式 'wheel,touch,nav:navBar' 表示 '滚轮,触摸,导航条:导航条id'

  • onSwipeStart Function - 触摸开始时的回调函数

    • 当 return 'stop' 时,此次触摸将不会生效
  • beforeChange Function - 滑动开始时的回调函数

    • 当 return 'stop' 时,此次滑动将还原
  • callback Function - 滑动结束后的回调函数

  • start Integer - 初始化时被展示的页面页码

Fullpage API

Fullpage exposes a few functions that can be useful for script control of your pages.

prev() slide to prev

next() slide to next

thisPage() returns current page position

go(num) slide to set page position (num:the page you want to slide to)



prev() 直接滑向上一页

next() 直接滑入下一页

thisPage() 返回当前的页码

go(num) 直接滑到第num页


For desktop(ie5.5+) or mobile webApp without jQuery,create full screen pages fast and simple.






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