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yawd-elfinder, a file management solution for Django

elFinder is a jQuery web file manager providing standard features -such as uploading, moving, renaming files etc-, as well as a set of advanced features such as image resizing/cropping/rotation and archive file creation.

yawd-elfinder provides a fully-featured python/django implementation for the elfinder connector v.2. A custom Model Field (tied to a nice form widget) is also provided. Therefore, you can easily manage your files through the Django admin interface, assign them to model fields and access the file URLs in your Django templates.

yawd-elfinder can manage local files but also use Django filesystem storages to connect to remote filesystems. A set of django options allows control over file and directory permissions, accepted mime types, max file sizes etc.

The current version is 0.90.03, use the github version for the latest fixes.


yawd-admin v0.90.03 is the last version intended to work with Django 1.4. The current master is actively developed under Django 1.5 and does NOT work with older Django releases. For those still using Django 1.4, you can checkout the 0.90.x branch or use the yawd-elfinder v0.90.03 pypi package. New features will not be backported to the 0.90.x branch. Since many of us run production systems tied to Django 1.4, both v0.90.03 and the latest documentation will be online on

Usage and demo

See the yawd-elfinder documentation for information on how to install the demo and use yawd-elfinder.


The admin widget

Elfinder in action

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An elfinder-based file management solution for Django




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