Create amazing time-lapse film sequences using an Arduino and a digital camera
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Time-Lapse Controller

Copyright 2009 Jonathan Oxer
Copyright 2009 Hugh Blemings

| This project is featured in the book "Practical Arduino" by         |
| Jonathan Oxer and Hugh Blemings (Apress, 2009). More information    |
| about the book and this project is available at:                    |
|                                                                     |
|        |

Simple digital cameras can produce remarkably good quality photos and
are now cheap enough that it doesn't hurt the wallet too much to buy
one with the intention of modifying it for use in a project. You may
even already have an old digital camera that you don't mind sacrificing
for a good cause!

Modifying a camera to control it from an Arduino opens up a world of
possibilities. This project lets your Arduino take control of the
camera to take photos at regular intervals so they can be
reconstructed as a time-lapse movie. Set your frame interval to suit
your subject and you could make a movie of grass growing, or a house
being painted, or a house being built, or flowers opening. Time lapse
movies can be spectacular and this project will give you the tools to
let your imagination run wild.