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Ruby Best Practices, by Gregory Brown
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Welcome to the open source home of the "Ruby Best Practices" book.

Here you'll find the original manuscript along with the production files that
were used to generate the print version of the book.

If instead you were looking for a free PDF download of the book, you
can find it here:

Or, if you wanted to kill trees and give me some money:

But assuming you are here for the source, check the brief description below.

== Files

manuscript/unmerged contains asciidoc sources that have not been updated to
reflect copyediting.  When I get around to it, manuscript/updated will contain
the updated files.   Once a file is updated, I will accept patches against it
for fixes and modifications.

oreilly_final/ contains the production files that were used to generate this
book.  Right now it's a bit limited, just one giant docbook file and some figs.
We may be able to break it down by chapter later, but we may not necessarily
need it.

If you are wondering about code samples, they are currently at:

I plan to merge them here sooner or later, and extract more from the original
manuscript.  I sort of got lazy there.

== Contributing / Using Content

Right now, I need to go through the painstaking process of merging copyeditor
changes into my asciidoc manuscript, and then setup the build toolchain again in
a way that's easy enough for contributors to access.

But for those who wish to fork and experiment on their own, all content here is
hereby released under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike
3.0 license ( ).  

If you have any questions about legal usage, contact me, and I'll
talk with O'Reilly.

  gregory.t.brown at

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