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CrossGraphics Library

CrossGraphics aims to deliver a simple immediate mode interface for drawing graphics on a variety of platforms running .NET.

Currently the following platforms are supported:

Using the library

CrossGraphics assumes that you have partitioned your project into parts that will be cross-platform and parts that are platform-specific.

In your cross-platform code

Add a reference to the cross-platform file Graphics.cs. This will expose the interface CrossGraphics.IGraphics that is the recipient of all drawing commands.

You should now code your objects to be able to draw themselves by being passed and IGraphics object.

Drawing commands include:

  • Rectangles using FillRect and DrawRect
  • Rounded Rectangles using FillRoundedRect and DrawRoundedRect
  • Ovals using FillOval and DrawOval
  • Lines using DrawLine and the option BeginLine and EndLine primitives
  • Images using DrawImage
  • Text using DrawString and the associated font functions

In your platform-specific code

Add a reference to the appropriate platform-specific implementation of IGraphics. Create the appropriate graphics context and pass it to your objects that expect an IGraphics object.


The code is copyright Frank A. Krueger and is released under the MIT license.