How to Contribute

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How to Contribute

We want contributions. We need contributions. You should contribute!

If you find a bug, then follow these easy steps:

  1. Create an Issue for the bug tagged "Bug".
  2. Write a regression test in our awesome Test library under one of the appropriate fixtures.
  3. Fix it!
  4. Commit & Push & Submit a Pull Request telling me how awesome your fix is. Make sure to include "Fix #XXX" in the commit message.

If you want a new feature, then follow these steps:

  1. Implement it!
  2. Test it a bunch. If it's a small feature then add some tests to an appropriate fixture. If it's big, you better create a new test fixture.
  3. Commit & Push & Submit a Pull Request telling me how awesome and valuable this new feature is.

Submitting Patches (Pull Requests)

  1. Fork the repository
  2. Check out the repository onto your machine
  3. Hack on src/SQLite.cs (but don't change the formatting! If you use VS's auto format the gods will frown upon you)
  4. Commit & push your changes
  5. Open a pull request on praeclarum/sqlite-net

See the GitHub docs on how to fork a repo for more details.

Code Formatting

  • Use Tabs aligned to 4 characters
  • All Members are PascalCase except for private fields are camelCase with a leading _
  • Curly braces go on the same line of the statement needing them except Namespaces, Classes, and Method definitions get them on the next line.