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Support projections with JpaSpecificationExecutor.findAll(Specification,Pageable) for Spring Data JPA
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Support Projections with JpaSpecificationExecutor.findAll(Specification,Pageable) for Spring Data JPA

version 2.x.x for Spring Data JPA 2.x (Spring Boot 2.x)

version 1.x.x Spring Data JPA 1.x

How to use

  • add dependency to pom
<!-- for Spring Data 2.x -->
<!-- for Spring Data 1.x -->
  • add annotation @EnableJpaRepositories(repositoryBaseClass = JpaSpecificationExecutorWithProjectionImpl.class) on Application class (Spring Boot)
  • create your repository and extends JpaSpecificationExecutorWithProjection
public interface DocumentRepository extends JpaRepository<Document,Integer>,JpaSpecificationExecutorWithProjection<Document,Integer> {
    * projection interface
    public static interface DocumentWithoutParent{
        Long getId();
        String getDescription();
        String getDocumentType();
        String getDocumentCategory();
        List<DocumentWithoutParent> getChild();
  • use it

      public void specificationWithProjection() {
          Specifications<Document> where = Specifications.where(DocumentSpecs.idEq(1L));
          Page<DocumentRepository.DocumentWithoutParent> all = documentRepository.findAll(where, DocumentRepository.DocumentWithoutParent.class, new PageRequest(0,10));
JpaEntityGraph jpaEntityGraph = new JpaEntityGraph(
    new String[]{"sistRecvTm","birth","transfer","merger"}
  BirthWithoutChild birth = birthRepository.findAll(createSpecBirth(searchData, type.toUpperCase()), BirthWithoutChild.class,jpaEntityGraph,pageable);
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