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NiFi Parcel

This repository provides a parcel( to install Apache NiFi as a service usable by Cloudera Manager.

Install Steps

  1. Install Prerequisites: cloudera/cm_ext
cd /tmp
git clone
cd cm_ext/validator
mvn install
  1. Create parcel & CSD:
$ cd /tmp
# First, create NiFi package
$ git clone
$ cd nifi
$ mvn clean install
$ cd /tmp
$ git clone
$ cd nifi-parcel
$ POINT_VERSION=5 VALIDATOR_DIR=/tmp/cm_ext ./ /tmp/nifi/nifi-assembly/target/nifi-*-SNAPSHOT-bin.tar.gz
$ VALIDATOR_DIR=/tmp/cm_ext ./
  1. Serve Parcel using Python
$ cd build-parcel
$ python -m SimpleHTTPServer 14641
# navigate to Cloudera Manager -> Parcels -> Edit Settings
# Add fqdn:14641 to list of urls
# install the NIFI parcel
  1. Move CSD to Cloudera Manager's CSD Repo
# transfer build-csd/NIFI-1.0.jar to CM's host
$ cp NIFI-1.0.jar /opt/cloudera/csd
$ mkdir /opt/cloudera/csd/NIFI-1.0
$ cp NIFI-1.0.jar /opt/cloudera/csd/NIFI-1.0
$ cd /opt/cloudera/csd/NIFI-1.0
$ jar xvf NIFI-1.0.jar
$ rm -f NIFI-1.0.jar
$ sudo service cloudera-scm-server restart
# Wait a min, go to Cloudera Manager -> Add a Service -> NiFi

Pending items

  • Currently NiFi runs under the root user
  • Expose config options under Cloudera Manager
    • Conf folder from parcels is used, this needs to be migrated to ConfigWriter
  • Expose metrics from NiFi
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