Die Landkarte der Premiumsprecher und Premiumverkäufer
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Premium Finder

This project contains the Premium Finder, in which you can search for Merchants, Stores that sell PREMIUM products and speaker for PREMIUM.

Visit the map!

Setting it up


We provide a docker container for testing the application. Using it should be very straight forward.

Manual Way

Clone the repository, then change into it's directory and run:

  $ apt-get install ruby1.9.1-dev build-essential g++ libmysql-ruby libmysqlclient-dev libsqlite3-dev mysql
  $ gem install bundler
  $ bundle install
  $ bundle exec rake db:reset
  $ bundle exec unicorn -l

(apt-get install has to be run as root)

You should now be able to visit the application: http://localhost:3000 To visit the actual maps: http://localhost:3000/maps/embed

In development you should now be able to login with as dev@dev with the password 'password'.

We are using very old gems here. If you run into problems finding some of the very old ones, they should be provided int the docker container's repo.

Importing data

db/seeds.rb can be used to import json-formatted data from STDIN. https://github.com/premium-cola/premium-map-importer is used to convert data from the internal CSV format to a proper JSON format.

The resulting command line would be something like this, to reinitialize the entire database from a csv file. < ../data.csv ruby ../premium-map-importer/convert.rb | RAILS_ENV=production bundle exec rake db:reset

NOTE: For security reasons the converter shoul be run on a trusted computer. The resulting JSON is considered public and can be send to untrusted web servers




Copyright 2014 by Karolin Varner karo@cupdev.net Copyright 2013-2014 by Bodo Tasche bodo.tasche@gmail.com Copyright 2013-2014 by Nelson Darkwah Oppong ndo@felixnelson.de

This project was created on behalf of PREMIUM.

The contents of this repository are licensed under the GPL license version three or higher version.

In addition to the terms of the GPL license, any Authors of this project and PREMIUM must be named in derivatives of this Software. Neither any authors nor PREMIUM my be named in order to endorse any product based on the work in this repository.

See the COPYING file for a copy of the GPLv3 license.