Visual Studio Code extension for Prettier

Prettier formatter for Visual Studio Code

VS Code package to format your JavaScript / TypeScript / CSS using Prettier.


Install through VS Code extensions. Search for Prettier - Code formatter

Visual Studio Code Market Place: Prettier - Code formatter

Can also be installed in VS Code: Launch VS Code Quick Open (Ctrl+P), paste the following command, and press enter.

ext install esbenp.prettier-vscode

⚠ A word of warning-if you have any other code formatting extensions installed such as for example hugely popular HookyQR.beautify or taichi.react-beautify they might take precedence and format your code instead of Prettier leading to unexpected results.


Using Command Palette (CMD/CTRL + Shift + P)

1. CMD + Shift + P -> Format Document
1. Select the text you want to Prettify
2. CMD + Shift + P -> Format Selection

Custom keybindings

If you don't like the defaults, you can rebind editor.action.formatDocument and editor.action.formatSelection in the keyboard shortcuts menu of vscode.

Format On Save

Respects editor.formatOnSave setting.

You can turn on format-on-save on a per-language basis by scoping the setting:

// Set the default
"editor.formatOnSave": false,
// Enable per-language
"[javascript]": {
    "editor.formatOnSave": true


Prettier's Settings

Settings will be read from (listed by priority):

  1. Prettier configuration file
  2. .editorconfig

Or if no prettier configuration file exist

  1. .editorconfig
  2. VSCode prettier's settings (described below with their default)

prettier.printWidth (default: 80)

Fit code within this line limit

prettier.tabWidth (default: 2)

Number of spaces it should use per tab

prettier.singleQuote (default: false)

If true, will use single instead of double quotes

prettier.trailingComma (default: 'none')

Controls the printing of trailing commas wherever possible. Valid options:

  • "none" - No trailing commas
  • "es5" - Trailing commas where valid in ES5 (objects, arrays, etc)
  • "all" - Trailing commas wherever possible (function arguments)

prettier.bracketSpacing (default: true)

Controls the printing of spaces inside object literals

prettier.jsxBracketSameLine (default: false)

If true, puts the > of a multi-line jsx element at the end of the last line instead of being alone on the next line

prettier.parser (default: 'babylon') - JavaScript only

Which parser to use. Valid options are 'flow' and 'babylon'.

prettier.semi (default: true)

Whether to add a semicolon at the end of every line (semi: true), or only at the beginning of lines that may introduce ASI failures (semi: false)

prettier.useTabs (default: false)

If true, indent lines with tabs

prettier.proseWrap (default: 'preserve')

(Markdown) wrap prose over multiple lines.

prettier.arrowParens (default: 'avoid')

Include parentheses around a sole arrow function parameter

VSCode specific settings

These settings are specific to VSCode and need to be set in the VSCode settings file. See the documentation for how to do that.

prettier.eslintIntegration (default: false) - JavaScript and TypeScript only

Use prettier-eslint instead of prettier. Other settings will only be fallbacks in case they could not be inferred from ESLint rules.

prettier.tslintIntegration (default: false) - JavaScript and TypeScript only

Use prettier-tslint instead of prettier. Other settings will only be fallbacks in case they could not be inferred from TSLint rules.

prettier.stylelintIntegration (default: false) - CSS, SCSS and LESS only

Use prettier-stylelint instead of prettier. Other settings will only be fallbacks in case they could not be inferred from stylelint rules.

prettier.requireConfig (default: false)

Require a 'prettierconfig' to format

prettier.ignorePath (default: .prettierignore)

Supply the path to an ignore file such as .gitignore or .prettierignore. Files which match will not be formatted. Set to null to not read ignore files. Restart required.

prettier.disableLanguages (default: ["vue"])

A list of languages IDs to disable this extension on. Restart required. Note: Disabling a language enabled in a parent folder will prevent formatting instead of letting any other formatter to run

Prettier resolution

This extension will use prettier from your project's local dependencies. Should prettier not be installed locally with your project's dependencies, a copy will be bundled with the extension.


Feel free to open issues or PRs!

Running extension

  • Open this repository inside VSCode
  • Debug sidebar
  • Launch Extension

Running tests

Tests open a VSCode instance and load ./testProject as root workspace.

  • Open this repository inside VSCode
  • Debug sidebar
  • Launch Tests


Without having an instance VSCode running (or it won't start) npm run test