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#Welcome to the Prey wiki!

We’ll be putting in here all the developer documentation regarding the inner parts of Prey: how it works, how do modules get attached, how to configure them, and of course, how to build them. If you want to help us out building this, you’re most welcome

##Prey Repositories Android client - https://github.com/prey/android-client

iOS client (to be released) - https://github.com/prey/ios-client

Prey for computers - https://github.com/tomas/prey/ Prey modules (for computers) - https://github.com/tomas/prey-modules Modules are required to make Prey perform actions & reports.

OS X Prey installer - https://github.com/warorface/Prey-Installer-OSX

###Setup (computers) Run the installer & choose control panel mode or standalone mode if you have your own server setup. Read the prey/config file for general settings. Each module has additional config files within each module directory.