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The mcmcplot package is designed to assist in the analysis of sampling chains gathered during a Markov Chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) simulation. This package was designed with the MCMC code pymcmcstat in mind; however, the plotting routines are amenable to other data sets. The plotting routines use matplotlib and seaborn. User's are recommended to investigate other plotting routines available in seaborn as it is specifically designed for this sort of analysis. The routines available in mcmcplot serve as a useful wrapper function for several seaborn plots, but it is not an exhaustive demonstration.


This code can be found on the Github project page. The package is available on the PyPI distribution site and the latest version can be installed via

pip install mcmcplot


The master branch typically matches the latest version on the PyPI distribution site. To install the master branch directly from Github,

pip install git+

You can also clone the repository and run python install.

Getting Started

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See the GitHub contributor page

Citing mcmcplot

Note, the DOI is specific to the particular version of the code you are using. To cite the appropriate version, follow the DOI badge to the Zenodo site or see if it is listed in the release history.