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Stack based Virtual Machine and JIT compiler built during the Programming Language Masterclass
C Objective-C Ruby
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samples Implement the JUMP instrcution. Dec 11, 2013
.gitignore Fix jit.c under Windows. Oct 8, 2011
README Initial commit. Oct 4, 2011
bytecode.h Implement the JUMP instrcution. Dec 11, 2013
compile Add a script to compile to bytecode. Aug 14, 2012
funcalloc.h Release mapped memory and support windows in JIT compiler. Oct 8, 2011
jit.c Fix warning. Mar 20, 2013
opcode.h Add JUMP instruction. Aug 14, 2012
vm.c Implement a ref counting GC Dec 11, 2013


** Virtual machine built during the **

This package contains a virtual machine and a JIT compiler for a subset of the language at

(c) Marc-Andre Cournoyer
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